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Welcome to the Official Home of Skystone 


Skystone's Journey

Africa is no stranger to famous gems, from diamonds such as the Cullinan to the Star of Sierra Leone. The continent is home to most gemstones from Amethyst to Zircon; with none being more mysterious than Sierra Leone's Skystone.


The Discovery

Skystone was discovered by noted diamond & gem prospector, David Ledbetter, during an excursion into the jungles of Sierra Leone in 1991.


Legacy of Skystone

The Skystone Collection is owned by Alan Gregory Ledbetter, son of David Ledbetter. The father and son team worked closely together during David's numerous expeditions and ventures. Alan has had possession of the material since its arrival to the US in 1991. Since he was 18 years old, Alan has worked with the mysterious material; preparing test samples, cutting and polishing, and researching the mystifying Skystone.

The Gallery

Check out our gallery. We have shared a small selection of stone images and descriptions; some of which, have appeared on media and television.



Specimens for Sale

Own a Piece of the Mystery

The vaults are open and for the first time in 27 years, Skystone is now for sale. This ultra-rare material is in extremely limited supply. Do not miss the chance to own one of Earth's most perplexing mysteries, which has baffled scientist since its discovery. 



The Skystone Collection

Alan Gregory Ledbetter

PO Box 1200 

Jacksonville, AL 36265


Trevor Barnett

The official photographer of Skystone

All images and website design were produced by Trevor Barnett

Feel free to contact us for all inquiries regarding Skystone. 

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