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The Ether Collection

The Ether Collection is an assortment of the most unique shapes, coloration, and sizes. This collection displays the variety and beauty of Skystone. A collection that is truly etheral.

Stone1_comp_clmp_final copy.jpg

Ether S-18

Ether S-18 is quite a marvelous piece. It's a stellar example of the white veining that runs in Skystone. This particular piece is rare to find to the delicate nature of the stone. Most skystone is thick, while this piece is streamlined and thin.


Weight: 2.2 Grams


Dimensions: 21.76mm X 18.17mm X 8.69mm 

Ether S-19

Ether S-19 has spectacular blue hues matched by its clean bright white patches, and veining. This stone lives up to the Skystone by being cloud in shape. This piece is fairly thick and clean. S-19 is stunning piece in the Ether collection. 


Weight: 36.3 Grams


Dimensions: 56.48mm X 35.29mm X 18.76mm 

Skystone2_threequarter_2_comp_clmp copy.
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