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The Prometheus Collection

The Prometheus Collection

Consists of  Skystones loaned to Prometheus Studios, featured on History Channel's, "Ancient Aliens" season 14 episode 4 "The Star Gods of Sirius". The Prometheus Collection has a variety of excellent specimens with unique personality and qualities. These stones are definitely worthy of screen time. 


Prometheus S-1

Prometheus S-1 boldy displays Skystone's beautiful features. This stone shows off the intense stellar blues, Skystone has to offer. It is also a very clean and uniquely shaped piece. 

Weight: 117.1 Grams


Dimensions: 82.45mm X 45.33mm X 39.51mm

Prometheus S-5

Prometheus S-5 may be one of the most unique pieces of skystone unearthed. It hosts a nearly full outer skin, displaying a host of oxidative coloration; with, a prominent shard cleaved off, during excavation. This creates a window into the heart of the piece, letting its distinctive blue color shine. There is little wonder why this sample was singled out by Hollywood, for Television. 

Weight: 99.9 Grams


Dimensions: 81.09mm X 56.80mm X 36.68mm


Prometheus S-8

 S-8 A fantastic specimen displaying a distinctive crystalline structure. A very atypical example of Skystone.

Weight: 72.7 Grams


Dimensions: 61.19mm X 41.69mm X 38.03mm

Prometheus S-13

Prometheus S-13 is the ultimate display specimen. It was our first test subject, back in the early 1990s. S-13 was thickly dissected on a slab saw. It perfectly expresses on of Skystone's most unique features, the nonlinear stochastic veining. Also on full prominence is Skystone's polished luster, that rivals the world's finest Turquoise. 

Weight: 45.5 Grams


Dimensions: 65.04mm X 59.25mm X 15.11mm

45.4_#13_Pro_finla copy.jpg
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