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Specimens for Sale

For the first time we are making Skystone available to the public, Supply is extremely limited. Every sample of Skystone, featured on this website, is from David Ledbetter's 1991 original discovery in Sierra Leone. Each sample will be accompanied by a Letter of Authenticity from The Skystone Collection.


S-22 is a stone with vibrant blue hues and a nice natural shape. It is the second largest stone for sale. S-22 is the qintessential piece of skystone, for any collection.

Weight: 7.6 Grams


Dimensions: 32.35mm X 21.10mm X 15.61mm

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A full specimen with, only a few extraction marks. This is an original piece from the 1991 discovery, is currently the largest specimen for sale.


Weight: 17.5 Grams


Dimensions: 41.24mm X 20.34mm X 28.59mm

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S-25 is a unique example of Skystone that displays one semi-flat face opposed by an angular, raised face. Eye appealing and curious. 

Weight: 3.636 Grams


Dimensions: 27.44mm X 20.32mm X 7.52mm


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S-26 is a very interesting,  angular example of Skystone. The naturally abraded edges serve to display this stones deep color; a beautiful display specimen. 

Weight: 6.814 Grams


Dimensions: 30.75mm X 22.55mm X 12.65mm

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S-27 is a robust sample displaying soft angles that are atypical, of most Skystone specimens. This fascinating piece is worthy to be the prize, of any collection.

Weight: 6.284 Grams


Dimensions: 28.19mm X 23.77mm X 10.11mm

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We now have a small collection of Skystone specimens for sale that have been professionally cut and polished. The polishing technique used brings the unique color and veining to full life in these ultra-rare specimens. 

These samples would look marvelous set in the finest Jewelry, or prominently displayed amongst the rarest of items.

One of the largest Cabochons available, with intriguing veining and a medium blue color. Hints of the exterior skin add character to this bold sample.

Weight: 5.364 Grams


Dimensions: 32.08mm X 20.69mm X 7.03mm

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S-31, uniquely shaped Skystone sample. The exterior shows a beautiful natural surface. The stone's abraded edges show the intense blue interior. An excellent sample for cut/polish and jewelry.

Weight: 9.96 Grams


Dimensions: 32.16mm X 15.62mm X 16.04mm

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