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The Skystone Saga

Map of West Africa

GIA document courtesy of Richard W. Elks


The Skystone Collection © 2019

Spectro Analysis Test

The Skystone Collection © 2019

   Africa is no stranger to famous gemstones, from diamonds such as the Cullinan, to the Star of Sierra Leone. The continent is home to most gemstones from Amethyst to Zircon; with none being more mysterious than Sierra Leone's Skystone.   The singular discovery by David Ledbetter in 1991, is all that is known to exist. The material was mined and exported under Mr Ledbetter's government issued gem and minerals license.

   A sample of Skystone was submitted to the Gemological Institute of America(GIA), by David's associate in December of 1991. The sample was studied by GIA for 15 months, and finally returned in March of 1993, with undeterminable origins. Needless to say, most material submitted to GIA is returned within just a few weeks. 

   The GIA test would prove to be the first of many, over the next 27 years, to return with intriguing, yet indefinite results.   

There was no material on record that matched Skystone's extremely unique profile. Test would be conducted to determine its composition, Primary down to Trace Elements.  

     As interest in the material grew amongst the scientific community,  advanced equipment & testing methods became available. Dozens of researchers, from a myriad of scientific disciplines, have worked diligently to solve Skystone's mysteries.

     The Spectro Analysis displays Skystone's Base Elemental Compostion. 


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