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Skystone C-203

Weight: 21.66 Carats / 4.33 Grams

Size: 30.44 x 15.94 x 8.63mm (LxWxD)

Type: Freeform Polished Cabochon

Skystone C-203 is a polished cabochon, whose shape stays true to its natural outline. The stone displays vivid veining lines, unique color zones, and distinct Skystone blue primary coloration. All of these traits combined are the essence of Skystone. A few surface blemish were intentionally left on the stone, each add character and charm to the stone. Perhaps the hardest part of polishing Skystone is to know when to stop, each extraordinary grain of this scarce material is valuable; but with every touch of the polishing wheel, a new mystery is revealed. If this stone does not truly speak to you, please don’t buy it.

Domestic Insured Priority Shipping Included

International Buyers will pay actual Shipping and Insurance Cost; along with any Import Taxes, Duties, & Fees

Skystone C-203

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