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Skystone C-204

Weight: 49.56 Carats / 9.912 Grams

Size: 42.07 x 24.99 x 9.89mm (LxWxD)

Type: Polished Slab (Dissection)

Skystone C-204 is a dissection from one of our larger stones. The mother stone was sliced into an approximately 10mm thick slab, then both internal faces were polished, and the rough exterior left natural. A truly fascinating gem was created. The outline, unbeknownst to us at the time,formed the basic shape of the continent of Africa. This was among my fathers favorites Skystones , and stayed in his personal display for many years. This slab specimen was originally created for refractive testing, but has never left our personal collection.

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Skystone C-204

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