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Skystone C-232

Weight: 30.9 Carats / 6.188 grams

Size: 30.67 x 22.64 x 9.16mm (LxWxD)

Type: Polished Cabochon

C-232 is probably the finest specimen of Skystone ever to be polished. The natural contours and lines of the stone were followed during polishing, not only to minimize waste, but to accentuate the original shape of the rough stone. The stone’s back still shows glimpses of the original exterior, with a small section left on the stone, (Lapidary term: a natural) adding tons of character to an already mesmerizing stone. Photos do not do this stone justice, and words seem to fall far short as well. Professional Photos will be uploaded by 8-24 when my photographer returns from a beach trip.

A custom gold pendant mount is available for this stone as well. Contact me for Details.

Buy With Confidence, a full and immediate refund will be made if you return the stone (we have never had a return) for any reason.


Custom Display Box

Certificate of Authenticity & Origin

Insured Express Shipping

International Buyers are responsible for all Import Taxes, Duties, & Fees

Skystone C-232

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