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Skystone C-296

Weight: 12.63 carats / 2.52 grams

Size: 24.02 x 12.95 x 8.29mm LxWxD

Type: Freeform Semi Polished Cab

Skystone Specimen C-296 is a beautiful free form Cabochon, lightly polished following its original shape. The stone shows some of the original exterior on its side, and has a flattish back. Prominent veining is displayed, along with its distinctive Skystone Blue Color.

This stone would make a stunning pendant for a man or woman!!!

The eagerly awaited production of 'The Skystone Saga' featuring David Ledbetter is set to commence with a major studio in the Spring of 2024. Be sure to seize the chance to acquire one of the final 100 Skystones available for purchase until Christmas, as they will not be offered again. Don't miss your opportunity to become part of the mystery.

Price Includes:

Insured, Express Shipping

Custom Box & Hard Case

Certificate of Authenticity & Origin

International Buyers are responsible for all Import Duties, Fees, & Taxes.

Skystone C-296

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