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Skystone Sample S-141

Weight: 1.964 Grams / 9.81 Carats

Dimensions: 17.8 x 11.2 x 10.4mm (LxWxD)

Skystone S-141 is part of a parcel of trimmings returned for our lapidary. We receive meany request for afford samples of Skystone, this is the most inexpensive type of material that we will offer. The stone has been sliced (trimmed) on two sides revealing the deep, unique SkystoneBlue interior coloration. The other face of the stone is untouched. If your looking for a sample the exhibits color, or for a stone for your own lapidary purposes this stone is an excellent choice. It contains minimal veining.

Domestic Insured Priority Shipping Included

International Buyers will be responsible for all Custom Fees, Taxes, & Duties.

Skystone S-141

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