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Skystone S-144

Weight: 2.14 Carats / .428 Grams

Dimensions: 12.39 x 10.28 x 5.27mm (LxWxD)

Skystone Sample S-144 is part of a parcel of trimmings that was returned from our lapidary. The stone is a triangular shaped fragment with all but one side that reveal the unique interior Skystone Blue coloration. This stone could easily be polished into a beautiful pendant, or leave “as is” for a dramatic display piece.

We have received many request for more affordable Skystone samples, the stones from this parcel will be the most inexpensive samples available. This is a beautiful stone that has a very deep color. An excellent sample for your exhibit or lapidary project. Once our parcel of trimmings runs out, that will be it for our smaller samples.

Domestic Priority Shipping Included

International Buyers are responsible for all Import & Custom Fees, Duties, & Taxes.

Skystone S-144

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