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Skystone S-147

Weight: 38.31 Carats / 7.662 Grams

Dimensions: 27.65 x 23.67 x 12.65mm (LxWxD)

Skystone S-147 is an extremely rare specimen. This magnificent stone is nearly completely intact, with only minimal abrasions on its edges. The shape is beyond unique, roughly trapezoid with a natural recess / indentation on one of the stones facial planes. The abraded edges create a mesmerizing attraction, and reveal the stone’s inner Skystone Blue color. Skystone S-147 is from our families personal collection, as it’s perfectly represents Skystone’s most fascinating characteristics.

Express Insured Shipping Included

Hard Case, Display Box, and Certificate Included

International Buyers are responsible for all Import & Custom Fees, Duties, & Taxes.

Skystone S-147

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