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Skystone S-230

Weight: 3.27 carats / .656 grams

Size: 18.42 x 9.72 x 5.66mm (LxWxD)

Type: Rough Fragment

S-230 is an amazing large fractual Skystone specimen. Completely untouched; save for a brief, crude washing in the jungles of Sierra Leone 30 years ago. Fascinating views of the interior Skystone Blue Color are provided by the planes that were abraded during excavation as well as during its shipping across the Atlantic. S-230’s journey helped create the visually stunning piece it is.

This is a unique Skystone Specimen!!


Custom Display Box

Certificate of Authenticity & Origin

Insured Priority Shipping

International Buyers are responsible for Import Taxes, Duties, & Fees

Skystone S-230

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