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Skystone S-239

Weight: 1.44 carats / .286 grams

Size: 9.70 x 6.42 x 5.02mm (LxWxD)

Type: Fragment, Rough

S-239, a rough fragment that show the natural, molted exterior on one side. The other planes of the stone show the interior characteristics of Skystone. Intense blue coloration, intricate veining, and fractal cleaving; all combine to make an excellent Skystone specimen.

***We are on our last tray of smaller pieces to list for sale; at our current sales rate, our supply of “For Sale” material will be exhausted by August 2023.

Price Includes:

Certificate of Origin & Authenticity

Custom Display Case & Hard Case

Insured, Priority Shipping

International Buyers are responsible for all Import fees, duties, & taxes

Skystone S-239

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