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Skystone Sample S-201

Type: Rough (as found)

Weight: 7.26 carats / 1.452 grams

Size: 18.18 x 12.45 x 5.01mm

Skystone Sample S201 possesses all of the unique and enigmatic traits of Skystone. One side displays the weathered exterior while another shows the intense veining. All sides / planes exhibit a beautiful Skystone blue color. A very unique stone.

This group of Skystone Samples are the last that will be offered for Public Sale. The request we have received from Museums, Private Collectors, and Studios consume nearly all of our time. Request for sales samples will be taken until the end of October.

Domestic Priority Insured Shipping Included

International Buyers will pay actual Shipping and Insurance, plus be responsible for all Custom, Vat, Import fees and taxes.

Skystone Sample S201

SKU: S201
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